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File State and Local Extensions

State and Local Tax Return Filing Extensions Information

You and/or your entity may be required to file extensions for filing tax returns with state/local taxing authorities.  Be sure to directly check with the states and localities relevant to your circumstances.  Like federal tax extension requests, you are expected to make estimated tax payments up to most of the tax that you owe, prior to the tax return due dates.  This is true even if you are not aware of your tax liability due to no or poor tax accounting records.  This is where a licensed tax professional (EA, CPA, or Tax Attorney) can be of great assistance to you.

Do NOT forget to request extensions for any state and local tax returns that appy to you. Some state require local income tax returns as well as state income tax returns. Some states and localities do not have income tax requirements. You may contact the Departments of Revenue directly for filing requirements and extension requests information or engage the help of a tax compliance professional.  It is recommended that you not ignore the issue, however, or you could end up paying more than the tax due with penalties and interest.



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