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Tax Season Offices

Jeanine's Tax Office locations are in the client Colorado and Florida locations, as well as her virtual tax center.  Hours will range from 6a to 6p mountain time between January 28, 2021 and April 15, 2021, with fewer hours during the remainder of 2021.  The early hour are reserved for our clients in the eastern time zone; others should schedule appointments from 10a to closing.  There are no drop-ins or remote services without appointments.  Please use the Appointments scheduler to request a phone appointment or audiovisual service.  There are pre-paid fees required for consultations over 15 minutes in lenghth, but new clients will get a free needs assessment and onboarding appointment(s).

We are now 100% remote and 100% paperless.  All appointments and services are virtual during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We will continue local face-to-face services, including client site projects, when it is safe to do so.  Please plan ahead and schedule your services with us early, as we expect a record number of tax preparation/review clients during the 2021 income tax season.

Jeanine and Pam have been business associates since 2018.  Remote Business Solutions, Inc. and Finer Points Accounting & Taxaton Services, Inc. are affiliates but not partners.  Jeanine will prepare and Pam review and sign returns done for FPA clients.  

Jeanine and the financial planner are associates as of 2020.  Jeanine will prepare and a reviewer and the tax manager will sign returns done for financial planning tax clients of the financial planner.

Jeanine will prepare and review tax returns with associates in her network for RBSI tax clients.  You will have no affiliation with or interaction with the FPA of financial planner firms.

Contact Remote Business Solutions, Inc.

303-900-7265 (offices)   303-432-2455 (faxes)  616-430-5231 (cell)

January 28, 2021 through April 15, 2021

Opening Hours (*appointments only)

  • Tue: 6 am-6 pm MT
  • Wed: 6 am-6 pm MT
  • Thu: 6 am-6 pm MT
  • Fri:  6 am-6 pm MT
  • Sat:  6am - 6pm MT

*Appointments with Jeanine are available at and are normally 15 minutes long.  There is a fee due by the start of your appointment for sessions lasting more than 15 minutes.  

Please use the Appointments page at to book appointments with Jeanine at all of her remote only meeting locations.  We will not be meeting face-to-face during the pandemic for the safety of everyone.

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