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Professional Tax Services

Professional tax services include the management and coordination processes of a licensed professional specialized in tax law and tax accounting.  Only federally licensed enrolled agents (EA), state-licensed certified public accountants (CPA), and state-licensed attorneys (Esq) are qualified to represent you in proceedings before the Internal Revenue Service.  Not all CPAs and attorneys are specialized in taxation, so you should investigate their expertise in tax matters BEFORE you engage them to help you.  EAs are the ONLY licensed tax professionals whose professionalism (licensing) includes exclusive tax expertise.  Others such as auditors' licenses are focused on auditing and attestation expertise, or attorney licenses that are focused on many areas of general law.  All other tax professionals who might assist you or your business or entity are unlicensed and normally limited to tax preparation services.

Licensed tax professionals complete initial licensing requirements and additional annual continued professional education hours to stay updated on the ever-changing tax laws.  They are governed by ethics codes and accountable to their own governing authorities.  Unlicensed professionals are not required to learn or maintain tax knowledge, and are not accountable to any professional organization's authority.  Unlicensed tax preparers are allowed in most states, but are also unregulated in most states.

What licensed professionals, specialized in tax law and tax accounting, can offer you are a complete set of skills and knowledge of in-depth taxation in the US Tax Code.  They possess analytical and research, preparation and review, taxpayer representation, and in the case of attorneys, tax court and higher court defense skills.  A mere unlicensed tax preparer can come from any background, possess no-to-few tax skills and knowledge, and is not held accountable for the quality of services provided in most circumstances.

You may visit for information on how to find a qualified tax professional and for a directory of registered tax professionals.  The registry includes information about each tax professional including licenses held.

Receive your tax preparation packet and return requested completed materials and tax forms.

This packet will include your engagement letter with your pricing, retainer required, payment plan if applicable, and due date of your final payment.  Please read and view all information provided.

In order for Jeanine to prepare your tax return, you must provide the following:

1) The Engagement Letter signature page signed and dated;

2)  The tax organizer(s) for each tax return package needed (such as corporate or Partnership with individual for each owner) with the header section filled out completely and all questions requiring a yes, no, or N/A response circled or highlighted.  Please note that each personal return should include its own tax organizer and each corporate/partnership/not-for-profit should include its own tax organizer.  The tax organizer is your interview! and it is our joint effort to collect all of the information required for accurate tax compliance filing requirements.  You may answer the questions by yourself for convenience and time savings, OR you may get telephone or face-to-face appointment assistance if you need help understanding any of the questions. 

4)  Locate your business or not-for-profit tax documents if a business return:

     a) Profit and Loss Statement (P & L) from 01-01-19 through 12-31-19 OR 01-01-XX through 12-31-XX if preparing another year.

     b) Balance Sheet (B/S) for 12-31-19 or 12-31-XX if preparing another year.

     c) Balance Sheet (B/S} for 01-01-19 or 01-01-XX if preparing another year.

     d) Secretary of State Business Certificate and Articles if not already provided

     e) Copies of last three years of federal and/state local tax returns if a new client

     f)  Payroll Summary for 01-01-19 through 12-31-19 OR 01-01-XX through 12-31-XX if preparing another year.

     g)  Copies of Quarterly and Annual Employer Tax Returns for 2019 or 20XX if preparing another year.

     h)  Copies of any Sales & Use Tax Returns for 2019 or 20XX if preparing another year.

     i)  Copies of any Property Tax Returns for 2019 or 20XX if preparing another year.

     j)  Any questions, notes, charts, EXCEL summaries, Form 1099s, or other tax-related items that we should review for your tax preparation.

Please note that if you do not have financial statements (P & L and B/S) for your business, then you should use the Accounting Organizer (see   )to create these forms.  Alternatively, you must finish your year at hand accounting to create the financials, hire us on an hourly basis to do your accounting and create the financials, or hire an outside accounting firm to do your accounting and create the financials.  Summarizing figures on a "napkin" will not be sufficient to prepare reasonably accurate business tax returns.

All of the above must be returned to us electronically via the secure file exchange (safest and fastest service), fax, e-mail, or flash drive.  We are a paperless, remote service and our virtual office cannot process paper-submitted tax materials.  The portal may be accessed at existing account holders may login with their e-mail and password in the blue box.  New clients must click on the "register here" link on the page in the sentence that says "To start using the client portal please log in above or register here."  

Please plan on 10 business days before we upload your tax return(s) for review, signing, and dating.  We will schedule a 15-minute phone call to cover any questions, edits, or concerns that you may have.  Jeanine will e-mail and/or text you if we need any clarification or additional items before this review phone call appointment.  

Once you are satisfied with your completed tax returns, then sign, date, and return the required signature pages only.  Please note that all of your fees for the tax returns at hand must be received BEFORE your review and signing items are uploaded for you.   

Schedule a free 15-minute appointment. 

Please go to and select the 15-minute phone call option for a free assessment of your needs and concerns.  This will include introductions, interview, questions and answers.  It will be followed up with an engagement letter that includes pricing upon mutual request.  Please include your name, company or entity name, phone number, e-mail, and brief message on the appointment registration form.  Jeanine will call you at the provided phone number at the scheduled date and time.

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