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Practice interviewing for jobs and clients with an experienced business professional who has owned multiple small businesses and holds educational credentials in business administration and management.

Fees established up front following initual consultation to assess needs, cover client questions, and discuss any client concerns.


Get assistance preparing for your presentations at work and speaking engagements at professional events.  Practice with a former business professor/instructor, debator, and oratory forensics speaker.

Pricing established up front following initial consultation to assess needs, answer client questions, and cover any client concerns.


Get assistance from a professional trained in business communications and research, legal writing and research, and tax analysis with writing and research.  Experience includes operating and owning multiple small businesses.

Get a resume template designed with a format acceptable to the ATS screening software used by most employers today.  Utilize key words and phrases focused on the skills relevant to the job types that you are applying for.  

Learn how to utilize your resume template to create a customized resume and related cover letter for each job application or job type applied for.  

Feedback and proofing included with service.  A MS Word and PDF template of the resume and cover letter included in final product.  Packages and fees established up front following initial consultation for needs assessment, client questions, and other preliminary concerns.

Pricing established up front following initial consultation to determine needs assessment, answer client questions, and go over other client concerns.

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