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Remote Business Solutions, Inc. continues to operate as part of a remote network that includes Intuit Accounting Department, Intuit Payroll Department, Intuit Billing Department, Drake Tax Software and E-filing Department, Travelers Professional Liability Department, CPA Site Solutions Resources, and multiple small providers of our clients' support services.  Jeanine is the digital manager of your service providers, coordinating the processing of your data and handling instructions to the vendor-contractor workers, who partner with us.  We no longer accept paper documents for tax preparation or any financial project.  We are a 100% remote and paperless business, working from multiple locations.  We hope to resume local meet-up sites and offices for face-to-face services AFTER the pandemic is under maximum control. 

EVERYONE is on a calendar year basis! -- and the vendors-contractors bill us for our clients monthly.  We bill you for vendor-contractor fees and subtract my offered professional advisor discounts from the market pricing after we are billed.  Any clients who prefer to be billed at market prices directly from Intuit (or any other vendor) may arrange this through Jeanine.

We start planning client budgets and discussing vendor-contractor pricing increases between late fall and January for ALL current and past clients each year.  You may sign-date an engagement ANY time, but the vendors-contractors are on a CALENDAR year basis, and will continue to charge us for our clients on that basis.  Intuit Accounting Department bills on the 1st of the month, Intuit Payroll on the 5th of the month, and Drake Tax Software Service on March 15th annually.  Any billing delays from us after the vendors-contractors collectively bill us, are arrangements allowed through Jeanine.  We will continue to pay the vendor-contractors by their due dates for all of our clients who we expect to continue with our management of their contracor-vendor support services. 

We are a virtual accounting and consulting firm licensed in Colorado. We offer a broad range of remote services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals. Jeanine and her network of employees, contractors, and vendors are affordable, experienced, and friendly. 

Our policies and guidelines are briefly explained below and updated annually and/or as needed below and on the drop-down pages of this page.  Please schedule a personal appointment with Jeanine at for tax services questions and concerns, or at for accounting, payroll, and administrative services questions and concerns.  Please use the feedback forms provided on the website in the appointments and events parts of the website to tell us what we are doing right and where we can better help you.

The engagement packets are written by attorneys, are general in nature, and cannot always apply to your personal concerns.  Providing printed copies of policies and guidelines can be made upon request, but normally we rely on clients to read this information the first year of a service agreement and to check the website for questions.  We EXPECT you to tell us when you have questions and requests.  There are feedback forms for appointments and events provided on the website.  Tell us what works for you and what does not.  Avoid only talking with us when you have complaints, as this is not contructive to resollution, for any of us.  If it is in our power to negotiate a change of vendor-contractor policy on your behalf, we will do so.  We will provide management of your services with all resources and tools available to us from the vendors-contractor.

We utilize employees part-time and contractors and vendors full-time on an as needed basis.  Our clients are clients of the vendors-contractors, and Jeanine manages the coordination of your services (if hired to do so, on an annual calendar basis) from these providers.  You have the option of managing your own accounting, payroll, taxes, and administrative activities by yourselves once we purchase your vendor-contractor services and open your accounts on your behalf with a set-up fee. 

Our pricing menu is posted and updated on the website every fall for the vendor-contractor annual increases and occasional other vendor-contractor increases at along with discounts offered by Jeanine at for your general information.  Quotes are available per for potential and existing clients.  Current clients planning on continuing services the following calendar year should review Jeanine's summary of proposed services with vendor-contractor pricing and discount payment options any time between October of the current year through February of the upcoming calendar year.  Make an appointment with Jeanine to discuss your questions and concerns before deciding on your services and pricing options, so that Jeanine can instruct the billing department. 

Clients may sign/date engagement agreements on ANY date BUT the vendors-contractors continue to bill for the support services on the first of the month for accounting, 5th of the month for payroll, and annually for income tax services.  We will in good faith pay your fees while you are deciding on your upcoming year's services, until you have the opportunity to review our engagement proposal information, but cannot extend our credit beyond 2 months into the new calendar year.  If you cannot reimburse us for paying your services in advance, or if we negotiate such advancements as a concession for the upcoming year services, then you will not need to pay for them.  It is less confusing to the vendors-contractors and less expensive for our clients to allow services to continue monthly.  Billing arrangements with Jeanine's professional advisor discounts and other gifted concessions are done on a collective one-place basis by Jeanine through Intuit Billing Department, and the shares of fees to vendors-contractors and employees distributed by Jeanine.  Clients choosing to be serviced directly by the vendors-contractors and billed directly, may choose to do so, but are not eligible for Jeanine's discounts as they are from Jeanine and her resources directly.

We are now 100% virtual so we can serve businesses and owners in all fifty states of the US!  Technology allows us to exchange documents securely, do your work and send reports for your review, and to even receive payments -- all electronically without having to leave your place of business!  This is both exciting and efficient for our clients.  We can help you set up your secure cloud file and teach you how to utilize secure file exchange.  This means that you can work with us from any location and have the "peace of mind" that we are here for you now.

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