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EPAY (Direct Pay or Credit/Debit Card Options)


We are glad to offer you e-mail billing by our Intuit QuickBooks E-Billing Service.  All contract clients (those with active or proposed engagement letters) are billed this way.  You may view your invoice by selecting "View Bill" and then click "Pay Bill" selecting the tab for debit/credit card payment or direct pay payment.  Once submitted you should see a confirmation that the payment saved to the system.  This method results in immediate credit to your outstanding invoice.  

Please note that Direct Pay is free of charge for both of us.  Use of the debit/credit card costs between $1.35 and 2.50 based on size of transaction.  We therefore encourage the Direct Pay method

Please note that when making payments to your e-pay invoices that you should make partial or full payments up to the amount shown on the invoice.  Submitting amounts bigger than the invoice amount can result in your payment being routed to the Billing Department's Suspense Account.  Getting it applied to one or more of your invoices then requires a worker to research where and who the funds belong, and the physical transfer to specific invoice(s) for a specific client.  The process could take a long time to resolve if the amount does not specifically match a client's invoiced amount.


We are pleased to offer the availability of paying your fees by credit card, however PayPal should be used by clients who are not already billed through the e-bill system.  In order to do this, we have joined the PayPal network, one of the leading payment services on the internet today. You do NOT need to belong to PayPal to use our system.  This service offers you the ability to pay your fee using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express, or eCheck, or your own PayPal account IF you have one, through PayPal's secure web-based system.  In the event you are having issues with not seeing the choice of payment via credit card or PayPal, then please click the "open PayPal account" option (which does NOT force you to open your own PayPal account), and our account should then give you the choice of how to pay.  You do not need a PayPal account to use our account.

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