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Not-for-Profit Tax Reporting

Not-for-Profit (NFP)Tax Reporting 

NFPs do not owe income taxes for the results of activities within the scope of their not-for-profit purpose.  They may however owe taxes for for-profit activites done outside of their not-for-profit purpose.  There are annual tax forms required for both of these forms of NFP activity.  Jeanine can assist with the NFP planning, formation, tax preparation, accounting, and other aspects of income taxes for your NFP organization.

NFP's may be liable for employment taxes if employers, sales & use taxes if not exempt, and other taxes.  It is therefore very important for your NFP organizations to utilize the expertise of a tax professional such as a federally licensed enrolled agent (EA), state licensed certified public accountant (CPA), or state licensed attorney (Esq).  Please note that not all CPAs and attorneys are specialized in tax matters; only the EA licensing focuses entirely on taxation.  Also, not all tax professionals are knowledgeable about NFPs.  Please make sure that you investigate the licensing and areas of expertise for each professional that you consider for advising you on NFP issues.

Jeanine's tax services include:

Assists with tax planning and taxpayer representation on tax teams. 

Supports tax litigation personnel under the supervision of licensed attorneys.

Sets up integrated systems between company bank accounts and online accounting software. 

Analyzes and codes financial transactions to financial statement accounts. 

Interfaces with internal and external internet technology and accounting staff. 

Service Areas:  All USA States Remotely. 

Requires:  $60,000 to $100,000 full-time 40 hours a week; $28.85 to $48.08 per hour part-time 20 hours a week; $150 per hour for one-time or occasional consulting.

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