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Remote Business Solutions, Inc. is a full-service remote Tax and Accounting Consulting firm licensed in Colorado.  Our service areas include Westminster, CO, Boulder, CO, Broomfield, CO, North Denver, CO, Downtown Denver, CO, and all USA states remotely.  Jeanine holds an Enrolled Agent (EA) License, granted by the US Department of the Treasury, to represent taxpayers in Internal Revenue Service proceedings.  All employees, affiliates, contractors, and vendors hold appropriate liscensing, certification, education, and/or experience to support company servicing of our cllients.


Remote Business Solutions, Inc. provides tax analyst support services and online accounting management services through a network team of two employees and one to ten contractors/vendors locally and remotely.  Our contractors/vendors include Enrolled Agents (EA), Colorado / Other State Specic Certified Public Accountants ( CPA), Certified Payroll Practitioners (CPP), and other support worker business professionals.  Jeanine can also work with these types of professionals on client teams that also include attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, and administrative personnel.


Jeanine Buben (Buben-Croy), MT, EA works with the vendors and contractors at Intuit, PayCycle, Drake, and CCH to offer year-round online / remote accounting services.  (Other vendors/contractors may be worked with through specific client services agreements).  She offers monthly accounting with accessible reports for commercial clients and owners. Add-on services of payroll / contractors, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and fixed asset management may be integrated into the basic monthly accounting package when client services engaged for are customized to client needs.

Jeanine sets up transaction downloads between client bank accounts and QuickBooks Online (QBO) software.  She communicates remotely with the IT staff at the vendor / contractor locations. She coordinates the use of the software systems needed for client financial services. Clients do not have to manage the technical operation of their online accounting systems nor do they have to deal with technical staff in resolving daily operations or software issues.

Jeanine reviews incoming transactions for coding accuracy so that your financial statements (reports) show a true picture of your company's financial condition or profit (loss). She and the payroll accountants utilize your financial reports in preparing needed tax returns for income, employment, and other required purposes. Additionally, she works with the vendors and contractors at Intuit, PayCycle, and Drake to help with quarterly and annual employment tax preparation, sales & use tax preparation, property tax preparation, and annual accounting write-up with financial statements. Jeanine occasionally subcontracts with Robert Half, Kelly Services, and colleague's accounting firms to provide additional labor for large client projects, or to join client project teams.

We offer an e-mail news service to our clients with announcements, journals, reminders, and newsletters. We utilize professional Drake and Intuit software packages with their remote IT staff to best serve our clients. Businesses with in house staff may be interested in Jeanine's occasional classes, private business skills training, and/or hourly consulting for specific issues.

Jeanine's 20 plus years of business experience, extensive education and continued training, and network of diverse financial professionals enables her to offer knowledgeable and ethical assistance to law firms, accounting firms, and commercial clients with tax departments.



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Jeanine Buben-Croy Buben, MT, EA,

Online and Remote Accounting Manager /Senior Tax Analyst

Enrolled Agent (EA) federally licensed by the US Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service

Jeanine has been in the public business consulting field of tax analyst and online accounting since 2009. Jeanine specializes in a variety of solutions including tax planning, tax preparation, and remote accounting support.  She uses her expertise to achieve her clients goals. On her personal time off, Jeanine likes to spend time skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, bicycling, reading, playing instruments, going to the gym, visiting others,and learning about different cultures.

Network Team Remote Business Solutions, Inc., Remote accounting, payroll, taxation for commercial clients and owners

Calvin D. Croy, PhD

Digital Records Manager / Senior Statistician

Calvin has been in the health and sciences research and marketing research for 30 plus years with digital records management for the accounting field since 2018. Calvin specializes in a variety of solutions including data base management of client files, archiving of current and past client records, and maintenance of client communications for reference. Calvin uses his data management expertise to achieve company records retention goals. On his personal time off, calvin likes to spend time taking bicycling, hiking, skiing, snowshoing, reading, going to the gym, and visiting with friends and family.

Our affiliates, vendors, and contractors include Drake Tax Software, Finer Points Accounting & Taxation Inc., Intuit QuickBooks, Intuit PayCycle, and Kelly Services, Palisades Hudson Financial Services LLP, Robert Half Financial, and other providers of staff.  These workers provide client services, IT support, software packages, and temporary staff services.  

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