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Instructions for Blog Contributing Authors

Please submit your articles to in a WORD formatted attachment.  Expect a review and response within ten business days.  The topic should be business, tax, accounting, or human resources in nature.  Factual and informational in nature is preferred over opinion type articles.

Writers whose articles are accepted for publication on our blogs or websites agrees to the following points:

1) writers are not compensated for writing articles that we agree to post;

2) authors must include their name, company, position, and a brief biography with their article transcripts;

3) authors accept that our firm will post the writer's article(s) in the space(s) that we deem appropriate and available on our blog(s) and website(s);

4) writers understand that our company may remove articles at any time they become outdated, inappropriate, or inconvenient for our business purposes without any threats of lawsuits, legal actions, penalties, or negative reactions from the writers;

5) we assume no liability for the accuracy of information in the writer's articles or of any professional opionion(s) expressed by the writers of articles.

We will display the accepted articles with the title, author's name, text, and biography of the author in the location and formate best available at the time of acceptance.  The author may share the location of the article in social media and email communications with his/her followers.

Thank you for your interest in sharing your professional articles with Remote Business Solutions, Inc. and our readers.

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