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Jeanine offers 30 plus years of experience, financial and legal education, and federal licensing in representing taxpayers in IRS proceedings.  Jeanine assists corporate tax departments, including payroll departments and human resources departments, with tax analyst services.  These my include:

Tax Research;

Tax Preparation/Review;

Taxpayer Representaton / Advisory under the Direct Supervision of your Tax Manager; 

Tax Litigation Assistance Under the Direct Supervision of Your Tax Attorney.

Enrolled Agent (EA), federally licensed by the US Department of the Treasury, offers legal assistance with tax law specialization, to attorneys and accountants focused in taxation practices.  Assists with tax planning and taxpayer representation on tax teams.  Supports tax litigation personnel under the supervision of licensed attorneys. Sets up integrated systems between company bank accounts and online accounting software.  Analyzes and codes financial transactions to financial statement accounts.  Interfaces with internal and external internet technology and accounting staff.  

Service Areas:  All USA States Remotely.  

Requires:  $60,000 to $100,000 full-time 40 hours a week; $28.85 to $48.08 per hour part-time 20 hours a week; $150 per hour for one-time or occasional consulting.

Managed accounting client projects (days) for 30 plus years.  Taught accounting and mathematics classes concurrently (evenings) for 23 plus years.  Managed sales tax department, provided bookkeeping and assistant management, processed payroll, employment and sales & use tax returns preparation, accounts payable, accounting write-up, organizing and distributing court documents to judges, researched market prices for stocks and bonds transactions, analyzed 200+ brokerage firm statements for securities litigation cases, coordinated salary savings billing for 8 Western Region states, utilized telephone conferences with written communications to service agents and clients of 200 plus employer life/health insurance group policies, journalized  accounts receivable, maintained tickler files, and audited client billing issues. 

I have owned small businesses, worked for employers in a diversity of settings, utilized her financial and legal skills in multiple industries, and held a federal license in IRS representation of taxpayers.  My business administration skills include recognizing the unique characteristics of your business, analyzing your needs and concerns, and presenting options for remotely managing your financial recordkeeping systems.

My specialties include knowledge of the accounting, legal, trucking, insurance, retail, and higher education industries.  I have also helped musicians, realtors, and healthcare professionals with their accounting and taxation needs.  I understand the challenges of small to medium businesses and owners, and appreciate the bigger issues of large corporations and other employers since I have worked as their employees as well.  I know about budgetary limitations, worker resources, and tax implications in making management decisions.

Please schedule a free 15-minute phone call appointment at so that we may introduce ourselves to each other and discuss your needs for an accountant consultant for management of your remote accounting and/or taxation system.

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