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Common Questions Answered

What is a virtual business or remote office?

A virtual office is a place "in the cloud" where people meet remotely but not "face-to-face" as done in a physical space, although local clients have the option of in-person appointments and/or long-term project assistance.  Per the International Virutal Assistants Association:  "Virtual assistants are independent contractors who (from a remote location, usually their home or office) support multiple clients in a variety of industries by providing administrative, creative, and technical services."  According to PCG Services (Reference  "Digital accounting refers to the formation, representation and transmission of financial data in an electronic format. Computers and accounting software have transformed the financial industry. Technology advancements have enhanced the accountant’s ability to interpret and report data faster, more efficiently and more effectively than ever before."

A virtual office is a remote service where the accountant(s) and clients meet together remotely or online.  Face-to-face meetings can still take place on such modes as Skype, Zoom, Go To Meeting, etc.  This type of office saves clients time and money because the business owners and managers do not have to leave their place of operations to commute to meetings.  They can schedule quick and to the point meetings as convenient parts of their work days.  The staff works from multiple locations but are integrated together by a central manager and system.  Technology including software and communication modes makes this possible, feasible, and very practical today.

Jeanine utilizes a network team of employees, vendors, and contractors to bring cost-effective services and a diversity of professional expertise to her array of accounting, financial, and law-related programs.  She works in four time zones (Mountain, Central, Eastern, Pacific) for the convenience of workers and clients to provide monthly accounting, payroll/vendor management, and tax compliance to commercial clients and owners in all USA states and localities.

We offer an e-mail news service to our clients with announcements, journals, reminders, and newsletters. We utilize professional Drake and Intuit software packages with their remote IT staff to best serve our clients. Businesses with in house staff may be interested in Jeanine's occasional classes, private business skills training, and/or hourly consulting for specific issues.

How do I/we schedule a telephone consultation?

Please schedule a consultation for introduction, your appointments may be scheduled 24/7.  Once on the page, please select the 15-minute phone call option.  A calendar of openings will populate so that you may click on the opening you want.  Complete the required information on the form and hit the submit button when finished.  You will receive a confirmation once complete and an e-mail notification will go to your e-mail box.  Jeanine will be informed of your appointment and will call you at the phone number you provide at the scheduled time.

The 15-minute phone call option may be selected by:

Clicking on the 15-minute icon on the calendar page to schedule now.


What is covered during an intial telephone consultation for business needs?

New and potential clients should select the free 15-minute phone call to receive an evaluation and follow-up engagement proposal with estimate if appropriate. 

We will go over what is needed to get started.  Those inquiring about services and fees, please leave your name, business name, email, cell number, and details about what kind of services you need at my email.  The details are necessary in order to provide a meaningful quote with pricing options.

We will evaluate your business needs and owner expectations. Jeanine will explain what information is needed for a good quote during your initial consultation.  When confirming your order and/or introductory appointment at the time and date that you register for when you book your appointment on my 15-minute appointments calendar with immediate confirmation for your and my calendars.

A follow-up e-mail with services proposal and pricing options, or a referral to a company better able to service your needs, will arrive within a few days of our conversation if mutual interest is communicated from the client or potential client.

What is covered during a client onboarding telephone appointment?

Jeanine introduces you to what to expect from your monthly and year-end services.  We also overview:

--Client Resource Center;

-- Client Tools;

-- Onboarding List including accounting services, bookkeeping services, payroll, QuickBooks sign-up, sidebar contact, tax-planning, tax preparation for businesses;

--Policies and Procedures;

-- Applications for encrypted cloud account on our secure file exchange, and for e-news notifications service.

Follow-up 15-minute appointments are scheduled to go over such steps as connecting bank accounts and credit cards to client accounting system(s), payroll set-up, contractors management set-up, how to read financial statements and using them for management tools, and balancing bank statements with the Quick Books Online (QBO) accounting package licensed for the client.

What is covered during a full-service client monthly check-up telephone consultation?

Full-service clients (accounting, payroll and/or contractors management, and tax compliance) should schedule a 15-minute phone call check-up appointment each month.  Clients should ask any questions needed to understand their financial reports (profit & loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, payroll summary, or other reports).  They should also request help if having issues with reconciling their monthly bank statements to their QBO register for each bank account and credit card.  Other questions or concerns may be asked during this time as well.

Current full-service clients, income tax only clients, and hourly clients may schedule and pre-pay for additional hourly consulting by scheduling at the appointments page of the website at to select the type of appointment desired.  Complete the requested information, follow the prompts, and submit to receive a confirmation of your selected date and time.  Be sure to put the reason for your consulting request in the memo line of the scheduler form.  Alternatively, clients may go directly to Jeanine's Time Trade Calendar to select from the following options:

30-minute appointment option

45-minute appointment option

1-hour appointment option

2-hour appointment option

4-hour work option

All appointments and projects are offered remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic.  In-person arrangements may be made for existing clients if masks are worn in our faciities and around Jeanine, and if social distancing guidelines are followed.  As the pandemic gets under better control, clients visiting us in person may be asked to demonstrate proof of vaccinations and/or to continue to follow these precautionary protocols at the discretion of Jeanine and our support staff. 

Any required payment for hourly consulting must be pre-paid through our Intuit QuickBooks Billing e-bill system (currently engaged clients) or our PayPal system (one-time consulting client) before your appointment begins. 

Can I/we get income tax appointments for annual interviews and review and signing times to finish our tax returns?

Absolutely!  Full-service clients and approved income tax only clients get notified in the fall with engagement proposals and pricing options along with the openings for their annual income tax interviews. 

Jeanine calls clients at the scheduled times to inform clients of recent tax law changes, income tax season protocols, and the required income tax organizers which serve as the pre-existing oral interviews.  Reviews of income tax returns and signature documents are uploaded to the client encrypted cloud folders for final approval before e-filing (sometimes paper-filing is set-up for those not eligible for e-filing or those requesting paper-filing documents) before filing.  Clients may request a 15-minute telephone or in-person review and signing if assistance is required for specific questions or how to complete the signature forms with cursive signatures and dates.

Income tax appointments are currently available.  Jeanine informs clients where to find this link each year and also where to find the income tax season requirements and protocols on the website.

Can we get hourly consulting and what are the fees for such services?

Yes, certainly.  This is an appropriate option if you need one-time services, or if you require detailed information prior to deciding upon the need for monthly full-service engagements.

Clients may go directly to Jeanine's Time Trade Calendar as listed above on this page. 

All appointments and projects are offered remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are normally 100% remote and virtual in providing appointments and projects completion.  In-person arrangements may be made for existing clients if masks are worn in our faciities and around Jeanine, and if social distancing guidelines are followed.  As the pandemic gets under better control, clients visiting us in person may be asked to demonstrate proof of vaccinations and/or to continue to follow these precautionary protocols at the discretion of Jeanine and our support staff. 

Pre-payments to your consultations may be made via:

--our QBO Billing Department e-billed invoices where you can pay with credit/debit card or direct pay, or

--via our PayPal service 

Click "Buy Now" icon, follow prompts. and submit.


 where you can pay via your own PayPal account, credit/debit card, electronic check, or any other listed options shown.

We no longer take checks, money orders, or currency and coin for health and security reasons.  Also, the banking system recently increased its fees for processing and crediting such forms of payment.

Can we contract for project services and what is your availability for remote and/or in-person projects assistance?

Yes, we help other accounting firms, corporations, governmental entities, and law firms with projects.  These can be arranged on an hourly, monthly, or annual basis.  Dicounted pricing is generally offered for projects of 40 or more hours.

Are there discounts available for current and new clients?  

Yes, continued clients are generally offered Jeanine's professional advisor discount options in the fall (generally due by on or before December 20, XX) of each year prior to the upcoming year.  These discounts are time-sensitive with due dates for engagement letter signatures and e-billed retainers due.  Clients who choose to not accept these discounted offers must pay full market pricing or lower discounted offers after the expiration of "early bird" discounted pricing.

New clients are generally offered advertised pricing options or pricing options with earlier due dates for the cheapest pricing.  

New and continued clients may qualify for special discounts that are better than the pre-mentioned options.  If these special discounts are more advantagous to the clients, then they may request that these discounts be applied in lieu of other general offers:

Mention membership and provide requested documentation at time of services purchase to get included in your engagement billing discounts.  Elgible groups include: 

Accouning and Financial Women's Alliance Member Discount, requires copy of membership card or letter from current officer.

American Bar Association Member Discount, requires copy of membership card or officer letter.

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Member Discount, requires copy of membership card or officer letter.

American Payroll Association Member Discount, requires copy of membership card or officer letter. 

Employee Program Discount, when your employer is a client, requires employee id, human resources or manager letter, or flyer.

HomeWatch Caregivers Employee Discount, requires copy of flyer or employee id or employer letter.

Mile Hi Church Members and Friends Discount, requires copy of flyer or membership card or board or office letter that a contributor to the church. 

Military Member (Active or Retired) Discount, requires military identification, or VA letter.

National Society of Accountants Member Discount, requires member card, letter from board member, or copy of flyer.

National Society of Enrolled Agents Member Discount, requires member card, letter from board member, or copy of flyer.

Non-Profit/Government Employer or Employee Discount, requires employee or officer id, letter from board member, of copy of Remote Business Solutions, Inc. flyer.

Office Evolution Employee Discount, requires copy of employee id card, letter from supervisor or location manager, or printed copy of Remote Business Solutions, Inc. flyer.

 Police Officer/Fire Figher Professional Discount, when retainer paid for a service contract, requires employee id, letter from human resources or supervisor, or copy of flyer.

Professor/Teacher Professional Discount, when a retainer paid for service contract, requires employee id, letter from human resources or supervisor, or copy of flyer.

Red Stone College Students, Instructors, & Staff Discount, requires copy of Remote Business Solutions, Inc. flyer or employee id or school id or letter from registrar for students or supervisor for employees.

Regis University Students, Instructors, & Staff Discount, requires copy of flyer or employee id or school id.

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Members and Friends Discount, requires copy of flyer or membership id or letter from board or office that a contributor to church.

Student Discount (College/VoTech/Occupational/High School), requires school id, school letter from registrar, or copy of Remote Business Solutions, Inc.. flyer.

The Maxx Volley Ball Club Discount, requires copy of flyer or membership id or board letter. 

Unity Churches Members and Friends Discount, any location, with presentation of membership card, or letter from church secretary that a contributor to the church, or printed copy of Remote Business Solutions, Inc. flyer.

Centers for Spiritual Living, any location, with presentation of membership card, or letter from  church secretary that a contributor to church, or printed copy of Remote Business Solutions, Inc. flyer.

Disciples of Christ Church Members and Friends Discount, any location, with presentation of membership card, or letter from church secretary that a contributor to church, or printed copy of Remote Business Solutions, Inc. flyer.

ISKCON Churches Members and Friends Discount, any location, with presentation of membership card, or letter from church secretary that a contributor to church, or printed copy of Remote Business Solutions, Inc.. flyer.

Hindu Temples Members and Friends Discount, any location, with presentation of membership  card, or letter from church secretary that a contributor to church, or printed copy of Remote Business Solutions, Inc. flyer.

Budhist Temples Members and Friends Discount, any location, with presentation of membership card, or letter from church secretary that a contributor to church, or printed copy of Remote Business Solutions, Inc. flyer.

Mosques Members and Friends Discount, any location, with presentation of membership card, or letter from church secretary that a contributor to church, or printed copy of Remote Business Solutions, Inc. flyer.

Methodist Churches Members and Friends Discount, any location, with presentation of membership card, or letter from church secretary that a contributor to church, or printed copy of Remote Business Solutions, Inc. flyer. 

Jewish Synagage Members and Friends Discount, any location, with presentation of membership card, or letter from church secretary that a contributor to church, or printed copy of Remote Business Solutions, Inc. flyer. 

Veterans Discount, requires mililtary identification card and/or discharge papers or letter from VA.

Qualification for the special discount programs must be confirmed annually in order to apply to client accounts and engagements.

Where do the workers of Remote Business Solutions, Inc. and its affiliates work from?

We are 100% remote and provide our appointments and services remotely.  A LIMITED number of appointments with Jeanine take place in-person.  We are however real people who work from physical locations.

Locally our two employees and affiliates work from our Yates Drive Office and Chester Street Office.  Our contractors and vendors work from the UPS Federal Boulevard and Wadsworth Parkway offices.  We also utilize some local meet-up sites posted on the website when Jeanine and Calvin need to pick up or drop off items in person.

Our network of contractors/vendors work from offices in the Eastern and Pacific time zones. Jeanine is the digital accounting manager and point of contact for the full-service Remote Business Solutions, Inc. services utilized from our company and its network of contractors and vendors from where client services are utilized.  

What industries do Jeanine service?

Jeanine is experienced and knowledgeable about a diversity of industries: 

Dentists including dental hygienists and administrators;

Healthcare including physicians, psychologists, nurses, therapists, counselors, medical assistants, and administrators;

Finance including life & health insurance companies, health insurance companies, casualty insurance companies, insurance agencies, finance companies, financial planners, investment companies, securities brokers, banks, savings & loans, credit unions;  

Hospitality including hotels, motels, restaurants, caterers;

Musicians including vocalists and instrumentalists;

Real Estate including rental real estate and investment real estate;

Retailers including soft lines and hard lines;

Transportation including trucking owner operators and company drivers.

Please see the dropdown list of her most knowledgeable areas of industry.


The ownership type depends on the number of owners, the amount of risk (personal and business) you choose to expose yourself to, and the limits that you have placed on your personal liabilities:

Proprietorships.  The simplest form of business is the proprietorship, also known as (a/k/a) a sole proprietorship, is a one-person state protected limited liability company in many states, which is a one owner entity representing an extension of the individual with personal assets as well as business assets reachable by creditors.  The federal government still considers these businesses as disregarded entities and so they must be reported for income tax purposes as Schedule C proprietorships paying Schedule SE self-employment taxes.  SE taxes consist of the quarterly reported federal income taxes, BOTH the employer and employee shares of the social security and Medicare taxes due.  Owners may make withdrawals of assets such as cash, supplies, or equipment, but these draws take the assets out of the business, and are non-taxable as income unless they consist of values greater than the basis in such assets.  Basis is the fair market value (fmv) of the assets invested in the business.  So, if you take out more than the fmv of the asset as a draw, then the difference is taxable to the owner.

The proprietor may choose to register with the state as a limited liability company or LLC to get state protected against some personal liability if their state(s) of registration allow these hybrid elections.  The LLC registration only provides a limited amount of personal liability protection in the state(s) in which the business is registered, so if the business operates in multiple states especially such as a remote business, owners might want to consider a different form of ownership such as an S-Corporation (S-Corp) or a limited liability partnership (LLP).  One-person LLCs are considered disregarded entities for federal income tax purposes, so owners report their operations on a Schedule C, with SE taxes on a Schedule SE, on their personal income tax returns. 

The business is liable for employment taxes and running workers through a payroll if employees.  There are reporting requirements for contractors as well.  The owners are never employees of a proprietorship because they are compensated by their taxable net income of the business directly and any possible draws of assets beyond their basis.  The business could be liable for other taxes such as sales & use, tariffs, and property, depending on the nature of their operations.

Proprietorships may elect to become one-person limited liability companies (LLC) or to incorporate if their states allow such elections.  The one person LLC is a disregarded entity for federal income tax purposes, so the net operations of the business would still be reported on a Schedule C, and the employment taxes still calculated on a Schedule SE, on the owner's personal Form 1040 income tax return.  If the owner is registered with the state as a one owner corporation, then the owner could elect to be treated as an S-Corporation (S-Corp) for federal income tax filing purposes.  If the owner has morphed into an S-Corp for income tax purposes, however, the owner must pay income through a payroll system instead of reporting self-employment quarterly tax estimates on the net operations of the business, and might consider officially becoming an S-Corp instead of staying a proprietorship for practical reasons

The business is liable for employment taxes if its non-owner workers are employees of the business.  The owner is never an employee because the owner must pay estimated tax payments quarterly on self-employment income.  There is also reporting required for contractor workers.  The business may also be liable for other taxes such as sales & use, tariffs, property, etc., depending on the nature of its operations.  Creditors can reach the proprietor's personal assets to satisfy tax liabilities if not complied with through business assets.


Partnerships.  A partnership is a business with two or more owners.  Like the proprietorship, the owners risk both business and personal assets being at risk to creditors.  They pay estimated tax payments including income taxes and SE taxes quarterly, based on their proportion of ownership of the net profit.  They file a Partnership income tax return with a K-1 for each owner, and each owner therefore pays income tax and reports special allocations on their own Form 1040 at personal tax rates.  Like proprietors, partners can take draws that are only taxable if they exceed the owner's basis in the assets. Also, like proprietors, the partners' personal and business assets are reachable by creditors.  Professional liability coverage is still important and can offer additional protection for owners.  Owners are liable not only to the extent of their percentage interest in the business, but are jointly and severally liable to creditors to the extent of business assets, and the attachment of personal assets, if obligations are not paid for.  There are also risks for activities engaged in by owners.  This is where professional liability insurance could afford extra owners protection and "peace of mind".

Partnerships may choose to register with their states as limited liability companies (LLC) or limited liability partnerships (LLP) if their states allow these hybrid elections.  The LLC protection from personal liability for the owners only applies to the state(s) in which the business is registered.  Professional liability insurance is therefore still important for additional personal protection.  If doing business in multiple states or even internationally, owners may consider registering as a corporation with the state(s) of operation, for overall protection against risk.  If the partnership elects to become a corporation with their state, then of course they have the option to elect to become or be treated as S-Corps for federal income tax purposes.  The difference is that instead of filing a Partnership income tax return with a Schedule K-1 for each owner to declare on their personal Form 1040, they would file a Corporate income tax return.  C-Corp returns result in the business paying income taxes at the corporate tax rates, and owners paying personal taxes at the personal rates for Form W-2 compensation and Form 1099 compensation.  S-Corp returns result in owners paying income taxes at the personal level for K-1, W-2, and 1099 compensation.

Corporations.  Corporations may be registered with the state(s) of inception but the S-Corp election is made at the federal level.  Unlike the proprietorship and the partnership, corporations are considered legal "persons" or entities, with an identity completely separate from that of its owners.  They are managed by the board of directors and owned by the stockholders (also called shareholders).  Some states allow one-person ownership but typically there are multiple stockholders in a corporation.  The corporation may contract, sue and be sued, operate, and pay taxes.  

The corporation filed a C-Corporation (C-Corp) or a S-Corporation (S-Corp) income tax return.   If a C-Corp, the entity pays income taxes based on the net profits of the business at the corporate rates.  The owners pay personal income taxes only on their Form W-2 salary income and/or Form 1099-Div income.  IF a S-Corp, the owners receive a Form K-1 to report their proportion of the net income (loss) on their individual Form 1040 income tax returns, and possible Form 1099-Div to report as personal dividend income.  The owner operators of a corporation are considered employees, along with any other non-owner employees, and must be paid through a payroll system.  Contractor reporting is required as well under an accounts payable system.

The stockholders are protected from personal liability for the corporate entity, however officers are liable to pay the trust funds which are the payroll taxes, to the required governmental authorities.  The corporation may be liable for other taxes besides employment taxes, such as sales & use, tariffs, property, etc., depending on the nature of its operations.

Not-for-Profits.  Not-for-Profit entities (NFPs) are corporate entities formed for a legally recognized purpose and specific type of beneficiaries.  The "owners" are actually representatives or administrators of the entities set up to benefit designated beneficiaries.  They are not personally liable for the operations of the entity, but again are liable for the trust funds of employment taxes payable to governmental authorities should the entity have employees.  If officers or directors, and they violate their fiduciary responsibilities, they could become personally liable for their personal actions done contrary to their fiduciary authority.  There is reporting required for contractors.  Volunteers however are not paid or reported on the annual income tax Form 990, unless they are highly skilled professionals with a fmv recognized for their services and their offsetting expense.  The "owners" of the NFPs do not pay taxes on the income over expenditures (or expenses) of the NFPs unless they are employees receiving W-2 income, but they may also be volunteer workers or Form 1099-MISC (1099-NEC as of tax year 2020) workers of the NFP depending on the nature of their labor

NFPs may be employers and would therefore be liable for employment taxes, with the officers liable for paying over the trust fund taxes to the governmental authorities.  The "owners" of the NFPs are otherwise not personally liable for the general operations of the not-for-profit within the scope of their general job activities.  The "owners" could be Form W-2 salaried, Form 1099-MISC (1099-NEC as of tax year 2020) contractor paid, non-compensated volunteers, or non-compensated but recognized for their fmv of services if specialized professionals, like other workers depending on the nature of their work relationship with the NFP.


Jeanine can design an accounting chart of accounts (the index to your accounting system) with your industry and ownership type customized for your unique needs.  This provides meaningful information for your financial statements (reports) when we review the progress of your business each month.  We recommend that you consult with us at least for a 15-minute telephone conversation to review your results of operations and to ask questions to better manage your business(es) or entity(ies).  This monthly conference consulting is included in the service contracts of full-service clients who engage us for monthly accounting, worker management, and tax compliance engagements.  It is also included in the service contracts of project clients.  Other clients may obtain a 15-minute evaluation of service needs and additional consulting on an hourly basis.

It is recommended that business owners schedule an included 15-minute telephone appointment three weeks after a month ends, to ensure that the bank has sent all of the transactions for a period and that Jeanine has time to code the transactions for the appropriate financial statements.  The profit & loss statement (P & L) will tell you the net results of your operations for a period.  The balance sheet (BS) will tell you your financial status on a specific date.  Other supplemental items that we can review might include a cash flow statement (CFS), your payroll summary (PS), owner distributions, accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed assets, and other items of interest.  Bank statement reconciliations are important for owners to complete each month, and Jeanine will teach clients how to use the software account reconciliation tool to keep on top of your assets and net worth.

Should you choose to engage our corporation for your monthly annual services or your project services, then Jeanine, our other employees, and our network of contractors and vendors, will provide for your business/entity financial services.  You may obtain help with accounting set-up, accounting management, payroll/contractors, tax compliance, and/or consulting.  Please make appointments to confirm a calendar place to evaluate your service needs, or other consulting if an existing client.  You should message Jeanine at 303-900-7265 or 616-430-5231  (voicemail), 303-900-7265 (text), or (e-mail) should you need assistance with the automated appointment scheduler or not find a suitable opening for an appointment.  Jeanine will be glad to assist you during regular business hours of Tuesdays through Fridays from 11a to 7p, but please leave your name, entity, and contact information with all messages.  All messages go to the corporate virtual office at 303-900-7265 and our corporate administration office at 10343 Federal Blvd, Unit J, Westminster, CO  80260

It is important to note that we are 100% virtual with all services and appointments delivered online or remotely through our secure file exchange.  Any face-to-face services or appointments needed by monthly annual clients or project clients, occur by appointment or contract agreement:

-client location(s);

-the seasonal tax office;

-designated meet-up sites listed on this website;

-other mutually agreeable meet-up sites when working in Michigan or business trip locations.

Please let us know when we may be of service to you.  Jeanine will be glad to evaluate your needs and concerns.  An engagement proposal including pricing will follow your 15-minute telephone appointment if requested and mutually agreeable.  Thank you for visiting this page and we invite you to explore other pages of the website. 

Please bring your financial and payroll reports, entity and personal reports, and registration documents for the initial consultation.  Once I assess your documents and expressed needs, then you will upload your documents to your new secure cloud folder.  I can prepare a services proposal based on our telephone interview (15 miutes) and the documents that you upload on my encrpyted file exchange to your private cloud folder for my review.  You will be offered a subsequent proposed services contract (engagement letter) if you requested this during our telephone interview.

Please allow three to five business days for review of your records and our interview.  I will prepare a proposed services contract and send it to printing.  You will be informed when the engagement letter has been uploaded to your cloud folder.  The engagement pages showing your payment plan selection and signature must be completed and uploaded back to us so that I may start working on your services.  

If you do not accept the proposed services contract (engagement letter), then it will not be activated.  You may edit the propsal with my assistance and approval for reprinting.

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